Toilet Repair and When to Call a Victoria Plumber

Toilet repairs can be bothersome for homeowners to deal with. Never mind inconvenient. Whether you want to tackle a toilet repair on your own or call in a plumber near you to take care of them for you, we walk you through some of the most common toilet problems and fixes and when you need to call a local plumber. 

Clogged toilet

A toilet plunger with an extension flange is the best tool for taking care of a clogged toilet. Either add water to the bowl or clear out water so the amount of water in the toilet bowl is about half full. Insert the plunger straight into the bowl to get the flange into the drain hole and the lip sitting around the drain opening. Use quick, even thrusts to move the plunger up and down for about 10-20 seconds. With a proper seal on the plunger at the drain hole, this should be all it takes to get the water moving, though it may take multiple tries.

If water is still not moving, you can try a plumbing snake or auger. If you still have a problem, contact us to come in and take a look. We are a local emergency plumber with 24-hour plumbing service. 

Toilet Running

The sounds of a running toilet can be annoying. A common cause is a flapper that isn’t sealing. The flapper controls the volume of water in the tank released into the bowl from the tank and can wear out regularly. 

The flapper is easy to install and requires no tools but make sure you get the correct size for your toilet. Here’s how to tackle this toilet repair yourself or contact our Victoria plumbing team if you prefer to have us do it.  

Toilet Running Constantly

For a constantly running toilet, it may be the flapper discussed above or it could be the toilet fill valve. If the tank water level is too high, water will flow over the top of the overflow tube and into the tank. Try bending the float arm downwards so the float reaches the level that shuts off the water. This might take some trial and error to get to the correct level. 

Slow Filling Toilet

When the toilet fills slowly, check the water supply valve (usually on the wall behind the toilet) is fully open. Check that the fill valve assembly in the toilet tank and clear away any debris. If this doesn’t solve the toilet repair, you may need plumbing service

Toilet Won’t Flush

If you’re having problems with the toilet flushing, there may be an obstruction in the drain line. Our expert Victoria plumbers will use a camera inspection to quickly identify where the obstruction is and get it removed. 

Check the flush handle, if it is too loose or too tight, it may not flush properly.

The lift chain not attached may also keep the toilet from flushing.

A toilet not flushing, could also be a defective toilet unit. Our plumbing team will find out if that is the case and let you know what options you have including a new toilet installation

Slow Draining Toilet

A simple fix for a slow draining toilet could be that the rinse holes under the rim are clogged. An easy solution is to use a hand mirror and face it towards the front of the toilet bowl (away from the wall) and use a hanger or something similar to clean out the holes. Holes may get mineral buildup from water. 

Low Water in Toilet Bowl or Water not Filling Toilet

A damaged fill tube can stop water from entering the bowl and cause low water in the toilet bowl. A replacement fill tube is an easy toilet repair.

A sewer vent line could also be responsible for low water in the toilet. The vent line goes to the roof and helps to regulate the pressure in the plumbing system. If there is something wrong with the vent line, it could cause low water flow. Calling in a skilled plumber is the best course of action to see if this is the toilet repair needed. 

Although rare, you could have a cracked toilet bowl. Water on the floor would be a good indication. If this is the case, call on our team of licensed plumbers for a new toilet installation. 

Water not Filling Toilet Tank

The first thing to check is that the water valve (usually located on the wall behind the toilet) is open all the way. If the water valve is open and there are no problems with water in the rest of the house, you may need to replace the fill valve. 

Call Victoria Plumbing Service for Toilet Repair

If you’re unable to fix your toilet issue yourself or prefer to call in a professional, our experienced team of Victoria BC plumbers are available to uncover the problem with your toilet and fix the issue or help with a toilet installation if needed. We have 24 hour plumbing service if you have an emergency plumbing problem. Contact us at 250-514-4044 if you’d like to get a local plumber for a toilet repair. 


Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

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