Your plumbing system is one of the most critical components of your home. It is often taken for granted when running well, but when a plumbing issue arises, you quickly see how much you rely on your water supply. Taking a shower, using the toilet, having a drink or washing dishes or laundry are all difficult if your water isn’t running well. 

Wanting a fast fix, you may try to do the work yourself or bring in a friend, neighbour or someone that isn’t qualified. While they may get there faster, a licensed plumber will be able to assess the situation from an experienced and knowledgeable perspective. Although there is no guarantee that everything will go smoothly with any plumber, a qualified plumber is likely to identify and fix the problem quicker with a greater understanding of the impacts on your system. There are important reasons to make sure the person working in your home or business is qualified. 

Trust Who’s in Your Home

Employees of Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria have passed a background check providing assurance of the contractor in your home. We respect your space and privacy and take care of the environment we are working in. 

The Skills to Perform the Work

To become licensed in the province of British Columbia, a plumber must learn the skills required from a plumber that has mastered them. Upon successful completion and testing they will be granted a Certification of Qualification. All technicians with Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria have attained this certification and are further certified and tested as Red Seal plumbers. This level of industry competency and knowledge can give you confidence in the capability of the Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria team. 

Technicians on the team also have a Class B Gas License. This means they have the skills and knowledge to install and work on atmospheric appliances with ventilation hoods and other hooded and vented equipment.

Because they’ve likely seen your issue before, they’ll be able to assess and correct the problem rapidly.

Insure Against Risk

A bonded contractor is insured by a third party that they will fulfill the obligations of a contract they’ve entered into. This is important as you will have certainty in the contract you are entering into. Insured contractors have coverage if a problem arises, such as a fire. Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria carries both. 

Guide You in the Process

Experienced technicians will be able to guide you in securing the appropriate permits required for your project. They will be up-to-date in understanding and interpreting the BC plumbing code and can advise you. 

Warranty and Guarantee

Thunderbird Plumbing stands behind the work they do. They offer a warranty on the services they perform and on fixture installations

In an emergency or for a planned renovation or project, we have the skills and abilities to get the job done promptly and efficiently. Call us now for an estimate or to handle your plumbing situation. 

Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria

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