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camera inspectionsIf you’re dealing with a clogged drain or an overflowing sewer, you need plumbing services that can identify the root of the problem to get it repaired right the first time. The best way to assess a clog is by using a camera to perform a thorough, real-time inspection of your pipes and plumbing system. Camera inspections make it fast and easy to find out exactly what could be causing your plumbing issue. This technology allows our technicians to clearly see a variety of obstructions or impediments that can get in the way of proper drainage. If you don’t remove the clog, it can wreak havoc on your pipes and home’s plumbing system.

How Camera Inspections Work

Most sewer lines are installed directly under the foundation of your home. A thick concrete slab is installed as the foundation, and then around two feet of dirt is located directly above the sewer pipe. If something like a root, broken tile, inline trap, or sagging pipe gets in the way, it can create a myriad of issues. In order to inspect the problem, Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria uses a high-tech camera system. This special sewer video camera uses a head connected to a flexible cable. The camera is inserted into the main sewer line or the vent stack. Then, the camera is slowly snaked through the pipes as we watch for any problems in real-time.

Using a Camera Inspection Can Solve Your Problem

When you opt for a camera inspection, it allows us to see clearly into your pipes and sewer system. Utilizing a monitor located at ground-level, we will carefully observe any changes we see in your pipes and look for any obvious obstructions. With the help of a camera, it’s much easier to spot the exact cause and location of the clog. This makes it much faster and a lot easier for us to then remove the problem, which should allow for better water flow and stop clogged drains and backflow issues. It’s important to note that camera inspections cannot find a leak, however, they are highly effective at finding the cause of obstructions and other things that are getting in the way of your plumbing.

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