Water from plumbing can damage your home and furnishings if it isn’t running where it should in your home. It can also cost you money. Sometimes you can hear a leak or you might find water where it shouldn’t be, at other times it will take a bit of sleuthing to discover if you have a leak. If you think you might have a water leak, one of these methods may be able to help you in determining if you do. 

If you suspect you have a leak, or discover you have one, contact our team and one of our plumbers in Victoria will be able to help you solve your plumbing problem.

1. Call a Local Plumber

Sometimes the most obvious solution isn’t the one you think of first. A water leak can cause serious damage to your home and if you suspect you have one, get it dealt with quickly and professionally. This can prevent further costs if the leaking continues.

2. Compare Usage on Your Water Bill

Look at previous bills and compare them to your current usage. Being mindful of seasonal water use changes, look to see if there is a difference in water now compared to previous bills. If water use has gone up and there has been no change in household water use, you will want to investigate further for a leak.

3. Check the Water Meter

A simple way to check is to read the water meter in your home. First, turn off all the water – all the faucets, make sure the washing machine and dishwasher aren’t running. Then, locate the water meter – often found near the back or side of the home where the main water supply line is. Make note of the numbers you see on the meter. If they start to change while you are watching it you likely have a fast leak. Keep all the water off and check the meter again in an hour or two. If the numbers have changed there is a slow leak somewhere. 

4. Look for Puddles

Regularly look under sinks and around the bases of toilets, tubs, showers, and appliances that use water like the dishwasher, water heater, or washing machine. If you find water, contact a plumber to find out where the leak is. 

5. Leaking Toilet

Toilets account for 24% of water usage in the Victoria area so it can make a difference to your water bill if your toilet has a leak. An easy way to discover if you have a toilet leak is to add a bit of food colouring to the toilet tank. After 10 minutes, see if there is any colour in the toilet bowl. If there is, you have a leak. Contact us to find out if you need to repair or replace the toilet or need other plumbing services

6. Musty Smells and Damp Walls or Floors

Be on the lookout for any musty smells or if any walls or floors are soft. There might be a water leak. This could also be water coming in through a leaking room or window but whatever the cause of the leak, you’ll want to deal with it to prevent further problems. 

Contact Us to Detect a Plumbing Pipe Leak

If you discover a water leak and aren’t able to repair it yourself, our team of Victoria plumbers can help with plumbing repairs and fixes. We also offer 24 hour emergency services if you have a plumbing emergency. Call 250-514-4044 to schedule an appointment or book online.


Photo by Sugarman Joe on Unsplash

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