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No Hot Water?

Whether you realize it or not, you rely on your water heater more than you think. It gives you the luxury of having a hot shower or bath, not mentioning the ability to sanitize your dishes when you are washing them. If you find that your water heater is not giving you hot water like it should, give Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria a call. We will repair or replace your water heater quickly, so you don’t have to take a cold shower!

Inspections and Maintenance

The water heater may not look like a dangerous appliance, but in reality, it is one of the most dangerous appliances in your home. That is why our team at Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria offers safety inspections and regular maintenance. Routine maintenance on your water heater will also help it to function at peak performance which in return will use less energy and help it reach its maximum years of life.

Repair, Flush, or New Install

Over time, sediment will build up in your water heater. This can cause damage to the water tank and cause it to fail before its expected time. The certified technicians at Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria can flush your water heater in order to keep it running at an optimum performance.
If your water heater has seen better days and is giving you trouble, we can diagnose the problem or install a new one if it is time to kick it to the curb. Replacing your old, worn out water heater will save in future energy costs. If you are not sure if your water heater needs a repair or needs to be replaced, let the professionals at Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria inspect it and give you a full report of the issue so you can choose the best solution.

Our licensed plumbers have experience installing tankless hot water tanks and conventional storage tank water heaters. On-demand tankless water heaters are typically more energy efficient than storage tanks that produce and store hot water until needed. Storage water tanks lose energy through heat loss as heated water waits to be used. 

Whether you choose to install a gas hot water tank or electric models, at your home or business, our team has the experience to install or convert your heating system.

If you notice any of these signs, call Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria right away.

Hot Water Deficiency – It is the most common clue that your water heater may be having issues.

Noise – A popping or rattling noise coming from your water heater is a sure sign of failure. It is most likely due to the build up of minerals inside the tank.

These are just the most common signs of water heater failure. If you experience less than mediocre hot water, call Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria for an appointment today.

Check to see if you qualify for a Fortis Rebate.

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