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Have you discovered a leak in your home pipes? Are your drains running slowly? Work with an experienced Uplands, BC plumber to prevent lasting structural damage to your property. Your local plumber can expertly analyze the plumbing problem, provide a solution and then complete the repair work to protect your home. 

Serving residential and commercial plumbing clients throughout Uplands, BC and the surrounding communities, Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria is your expert for Uplands plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance services.

Plumbing Options in Uplands

Professional plumbers help secure your Uplands, BC home and ensure all pipes, appliances and connections are functioning perfectly. You can depend on our team for unparalleled workmanship and an expert response to your plumbing needs. 

Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria is a FortisBC member and a member of WorksafeBC. We’re also licensed, bonded, and insured, providing full coverage for our plumbing projects. 

Plumbing Installation in Uplands 

For the installation of new faucets, bathtubs, water heats, and sinks, you need a plumber with experience working with all types of appliance brands and materials. Our experienced team can handle any installation project with precision, providing you honest guidance alongside outstanding service. 

Kitchen Installations

Are you installing a new drain line for a refrigerator or dishwasher? Are you considering a sink or faucet upgrade? We’re the local Uplands plumbing company for complex kitchen installation work. 

Bathroom Installations

From full bathroom remodeling projects to the installation of high-efficiency toilets and sinks, Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria completes exceptional bathroom upgrades to the highest of industry standards. 

Outdoor Installations

An outdoor plumbing upgrade opens the exterior of your home to a range of possibilities. Whether it’s installing wet bars for hosting Uplands events or adding hose bibs and outdoor faucets to keep your lawn looking fresh and green, Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria sets the standard for outdoor plumbing services throughout the region. 

Uplands Plumbing Repair 

A water leak around the tub, sink or shower can quickly lead to extensive property damage. When you first notice the signs of a repair issue in the home, you can call our Uplands, BC plumbers 24/7 to complete the repair work. 

Our full selection of repair services includes: 

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

If you notice your drain is moving slowly, or a clog is blocking water entirely from draining, you may require sewer line and drain cleaning services. We can visit your Uplands property and inspect the drains to check for signs of a debris blockage. Our professional plumbing team uses cutting-edge inspection technology to minimize the disruption to you and your family, and to pinpoint the problem quickly. 

Tankless and Traditional Hot Water Heater Repair

Are you not getting the right temperature from your water heater? Have your heating costs risen significantly in recent months? You may have a water heater that requires emergency repair work. Our Uplands plumbers service both tankless and traditional hot water tank systems to ensure the perfect repair service for this vital appliance. 

We can also conduct annual inspections for your water tanks to help you retain your manufacturer’s warranty. You can call our plumbers any time to book your annual inspection and maintenance service. 

Camera Inspections

A camera inspection of your plumbing system can help to quickly identify drainage, sewer, and pipe issues that may lead to lasting damage if not repaired. Thunderbird Plumbing uses cutting-edge camera inspection technology to gain a real-time insight into the current performance of your plumbing. We can then find and remove blockages, fix cracks in pipes, and ensure a seamless supply of water to the building. 

Each of the certified plumbers working for Thunderbird Plumbing has decades of experience serving Uplands and the surrounding communities. They can use this experience to not only explain plumbing issues in detail but complete the work with the highest quality and precision. 

Gas Fitting

BC requires that all gas fitters hold a Class B license to install and work on ventilation hoods and vented gas-operated equipment. Our licensed technicians have the trained and experience to install and inspect gas lines for your Uplands property, 

Emergency Gas Leak Detection

When you suspect a gas leak, don’t delay your response. Call our team 24/7 and we’ll dispatch a technician to your property. 

To prevent future gas leaks, our Uplands gas fitters can also integrate gas shutoff valves, natural gas detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. We’ll keep you informed and your loved ones safe through our gas systems knowledge.

Strata Plumbing Repair in Uplands BC

For your Strata property, you need to ensure your plumbing system performs flawlessly around the clock and that your residents have continuous access to showers, sinks, and other features. 

Turn to Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria for 24/7 strata plumbing services. 

From issues with burst pipes to water heater failures, Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria can respond to all multi-unit building problems with precision. 

Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria is Top-Rated

Throughout Uplands and the surrounding communities, Thunderbird is recognized as one of the best plumbers because: 

24/7 Plumbing Services in Uplands, BC

When you have a leak in your pipes or flooding in your home, you need immediate access to skilled local plumbers. We operate a fleet of repair vehicles across Uplands and the local community and we can dispatch a plumber to you at a moment’s notice. Whether you have a plumbing emergency or require a skilled plumber for a kitchen or bathroom renovation project, Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria are the local experts. 

Call today to schedule a visit and free estimate from a local plumber.

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