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sewer and drain cleaningDo you have water that keeps filling up in your sink and taking forever to drain? Are you taking a shower in standing water that is up to your ankles? These draining issues may not seem like a big issue at first, but it slowly gets worse and worse. If you keep ignoring it, it can become a much bigger and serious problem. We can help! We provide drain cleaning in Victoria, BC and can deal with all your plumbing problems.

Single Clogs

If you have a single drain that is draining slowly, it is more than likely a partial clog in that particular drain.
Showers, tubs, and bathroom sinks – everyday routines like washing your hair, shaving, and even washing your hands in the sink are usually the cause of clogging up the tub, shower, and bathroom sink. From hair getting caught in the stopper or in the P-trap to soap scum building up in the pipe restricting water flow, drains take a beating. The experts at Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria can get your drains flowing again with our Victoria drain services. Give us a call today before you have a bigger problem.

Toilets – toilets, as well as sewer and septic systems, are designed to handle only certain things: water, toilet paper, and human waste. These particular things process in the sewer or septic system. There is a theory that if it goes down, it just disappears. This is not true. Items such as Feminine hygiene products, wet wipes, and cigarette butts do not dissolve and cannot be processed by the sewer system. They should never be flushed down the toilet. Even large amounts of toilet paper can clog a drain and cause sewer backup in your home. If there are small children in your home, this can always be a concern. Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria can handle any toilet drain clog or backup that you have.

Kitchen – the kitchen sinks and dishwashers are highly susceptible to clogging. Food debris and grease love sticking together in the drain causing slow draining. If you find your kitchen sink has slow drainage or the dishwasher has water left in it after running, give Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria a call. We will diagnose your problem get your kitchen back in working order in no time.

If you have a single clog that you cannot plunge away or clear yourself, don’t let the problem continue. Contact a qualified plumbing contractor like Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria.

Multiple Clogs

If you have multiple drains that are not draining properly, you may have a bigger problem in your septic system or sewer pipes.

Backed up drain lines are easily noticeable, but a broken one will need a professional to find unless there are visible signs of standing water or water stains. Regardless of the issue, you will want a professional plumber to diagnose the problem. Undiagnosed drain issues can lead to flooding or even foundation problems.

Slow drains are more than an inconvenience. They are alerting you that your drainage system is in danger of colossal damage. Call Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria for a professional diagnosis, drain inspections, and fast repair.

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