Root Plumbing: Roots in Drain Pipes and Sewer Lines

Tree roots in a sewer line can cause your water to slow or clog. It is a common problem for homeowners to find that a tree has started growing roots into a drain pipe. 

Water running through drain lines with even a tiny crack can attract trees seeking water and nutrients for nourishment. The root system can continue to grow and form a mass inside your drain pipes or sewer lines and cause a complete blockage. If a blockage happens, this can cause water to back up into your house. You’ll want to clean the roots from the drain pipe. 

Signs of Roots in Drain Lines

  • A common first sign is a toilet that you notice is stopping quite frequently. It isn’t always a sign of roots in drain pipes but it is a signal to you that something is wrong in your plumbing system that needs attention. 
  • Listen for a gurgling sound in the toilet. This should let you know that somewhere down the plumbing system there is a problem forming. 
  • Slow drains that clear out but it continues to happen.
  • Water backing up in the bathtub or around the washing machine.
  • Water collecting in the yard might be the sign of a clog in the main line. 

How Our Plumbers Address the Root Plumbing Problem

Using our camera inspection equipment, we can look down the pipe to see if it is roots causing the problem or something else. 

When it is determined that it is roots blocking the pipes, our vans and plumbers are well-equipped to handle tree roots in sewer pipes. We will use root cutting equipment along with a high pressure water jetter to clear out roots in drains and other debris. We use root cutting equipment using very high pressure water with a rotating nozzle or more traditional methods using spinning mechanical cutters powered by hydro jetting water acting as a cutting tool. These methods will clear almost all root problems. 

Once roots are removed, a patch liner or liner will be placed over the area the root entered the pipe. This will prevent further root growth inside the pipe for the future. 

The methods we use for removing tree roots do not need any excavating. 

When Excavation is Required

In extreme cases, the roots are more established in the pipe and excavation, along with replacing the pipe, will be required. Our Victoria plumbers will advise you if this is the case and consult you on the recommended next steps. 

Contact Victoria Plumbers to Remove Roots From Drain Pipes

Trees can be a wonderful addition to your yard to provide shade and protection. It is good to be aware of any issues trees cause. Homeowners can also take steps to prevent future problems of a root invasion from entering pipes. If you suspect they are causing problems with your plumbing system, contact our Victoria area plumbers and we can quickly address the tree roots in your drain pipes and sewer lines. 

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