Our Guarantee

Bonded and Insured

Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria is bonded. That means we stand behind the work we do. A bonded contractor is insured by a third party that they will fulfill the obligations of a contract they’ve entered into. This is important as you will have certainty in your contract with us. Insured contractors have coverage if a problem arises, such as a fire. Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria is both bonded and insured. 

Warranty on Professional Services & Fixture Installation

The work we do is of the highest quality and we offer our customers a guarantee of our craftsmanship. When we provide professional plumbing services you can expect the work to be to the highest plumbing standards. We use the highest quality tools and the newest materials to perform our work. After finishing the job, we follow with thorough testing to ensure that everything is working the way it should. Testing not only serves as a quality check, but it also gives you peace of mind that the job has been done right. If something that we’ve serviced is not working, let us know immediately and we will come back and fix it. 

We operate on the principle of providing high-quality work at fair rates in a timely manner. 

Honest Service

Our goal is to provide honest service. We will always offer a full breakdown of labour and material costs on our invoices. Any additional cost on any given estimates will be discussed with the customer before carrying out any task. 

We will inform you of all manufacturer-recommended services, needed repairs, and ways to prevent future call-outs.

We also provide you with information and advice to prevent future call-outs so your plumbing system stays running in optimal condition.

Our Team

All of our plumbers are licensed plumbers in Victoria, BC. Our plumbers have obtained additional training to receive red seal certification. This level of industry competency and knowledge can give you confidence in the capability of the Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria team. 

Technicians on the team also have a Class B Gas License. This means they have the skills and knowledge to install and work on atmospheric appliances with ventilation hoods and other hooded and vented equipment.

Employees of Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria have passed a background check providing assurance of the contractor in your home. We respect your space and privacy and take care of the environment we are working in. 

WorkSafe BC Interprovincial standards canada licensed and insured gas safe Fortis BC Satisfaction Guaranteed

Environmental Responsibility

We remain committed to responsible environmental practices. We want you to be happy with every job you hire us to do, and we also want to make sure we’re doing things in an environmentally responsible way.

Above & Beyond Service

We are fully committed to the satisfaction of our customers. Our customer service is exceptional, and we go above and beyond for our customers. We’re proud of the work we do and invite you to read our customer testimonials. Our customers regularly give us 5 stars on Google.  

Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria: Lightning Fast Service. Powerful Plumbing Expertise.







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