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gas leak detectionIf you have a gas line running to your home, a leak can pose a serious threat to your safety and well-being. Don’t let a potential gas leak turn into something a lot more serious. If you suspect that you may have a gas leak, contact the pros at Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria right away for our gas leak detection service. We will send someone to your location to check for any signs of a leak, and then we’ll take the necessary steps to correct the problem. A gas leak is never something that should be left to chance. Leaking gas lines can cause health problems, fires, and even a possible explosion.

What to Do If You Suspect a Gas Leak

Even if you smell a faint hint of gas, you should immediately open all doors and windows to your home. Vacate the property and make sure your pets are also out of the home. Never touch any electronic or battery-operated devices, phones, or lights as it could create a spark and cause injury. Never use matches or light a candle if you suspect a gas leak, even if your lights are out and it’s dark outside. As soon as you leave your home, call Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria right away so we can help determine the source of the issue.

Preventing Future Issues

Once you think you have a gas leak and you call Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria, we’ll use specialized equipment that can quickly locate the source of the leak. Once we locate the leak, we can repair your gas line to get you back in service safely and as soon as possible. However, the important part of handling a gas leak lies in future detection and prevention. We offer several options to help you detect leaks like gas shutoff valves, natural gas detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors that alert you if something is wrong. Since natural gas can be difficult to detect, you need proper monitoring to keep your family safe.

If you’re concerned about a possible gas leak, make sure you contact us right away. You can also schedule an appointment if you’d like our team to come and perform a safety inspection of your gas lines. Let our specialists come and take a closer look so you can be sure that your home is gas leak-free.

For all your plumbing needs and exceptional service for your home, contact the pros at Thunderbird Plumbing Victoria or give us a call at 250-514-4044 to schedule an estimate or appointment today!

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